“Online shopping…convenience vs confidence”


“Online shopping…convenience vs confidence”

Luxellence X YouGov

At present, it is undeniable that mobile phones have an increasing role in our lives. Shopping, an activity that was once restricted to department stores is now possible online in just a click away. 

A study from YouGov shows that many APAC consumers use mobile phones and applications for online shopping. Thai shoppers ranked second after Indonesian shoppers in this behavior. 

Most online shoppers suggests that “the ability to read detailed product specs” is the most important feature of an online shopping mobile application. This could be because the detailed product description substitutes the first-hand experience during online decision making. 

Clothing/apparels ranked no.1 as the most purchased product by APAC online shoppers. In Thailand, watches, jewelry and luxury products ranked no.4 as the product purchased by Thai online shoppers.


Convenience is Just One Click Away


Convenience and price are important motivators for online shopping. From the study, “better price online” and “can compare prices among online retailers” are important price motivators. While “purchases can be delivered to home” “no limitation of shopping time” and “can avoid crowds whilst shopping” are important convenience motivators. This supports that convenience is just one click away.


Is Confidence Compromised?

But online shoppers do not shop online without hesitation. Online shoppers have to face the conflict between “the luxury of convenience” and “the compromised confidence”. The study shows that the concern of "products turning out to be fake or of poor quality” “cannot see, touch or try on before purchase” and "online security” discouraged online shopping behavior.




 More than Just Convenience

  1. The current online shopping behavior poses an important challenge for brands in designing effective online channels that must be relevant to online shoppers.

  2. Designing online channels based solely on “convenience” is no longer sufficient to differentiate your brand.

  3. Brands should also consider designing online channels that enable online shoppers to click with confidence.


The important question is how brands design effective online channels that is relevant to online shoppers and also communicate the brand essence.

Text By: Dr. Nutthaphut Pandjad
Research/Findings: YouGov