Luxury retailing has been evolving dramatically during these past few years: a wide range of formats and concepts have emerged, posing new challenges to managers. Luxury players are constantly striving to innovate, create new emotions, and design new products and distribution strategies. Today, retail has become a key battleground in the crucial quest to find and keep the best customers.

The 3-day intensive program in Luxury Retail Management is a unique program designed to meet the specific needs of major luxury retail players. It is the ideal course for luxury retailers, luxury brand consultants and marketers looking for strategic and tactical advices, tips, case studies on luxury retailing.

Key Learning Points

  • The strategic role of retail for luxury brands

  • Retail store formats, store architectural concepts, experiential stores and flagship stores, in-store merchandising

  • The art of selecting locations, key money, relationship with landlords

  • Financial management of retail (retail math, rent, store P&L, inventory management issues)

  • The different retail channels (including department stores, duty free, factory outlet stores, pop-up stores, etc)

  • Luxury service and the service gaps in luxury retailing: how to motivate and train retail staff, best practices from hospitality industry, how to deal with different consumer cultures and motivations

  • The different facets of luxury service (professional, human, aesthetic)

  • How to convey exclusivity through VIP service

  • The opportunities and challenges of digital marketing and e-commerce


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