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you are working in the hospitality, tourism and service sector.
This is THE ONLY program of the year, YOU CAN' T MISS!

This annual program was exclusively developed for professionals in the hospitality and tourism sector in Thailand

Join us for this exclusive edition of Brand Management for Luxury Tourism & Hospitality where we integrate the concepts of luxury brand management, digital marketing strategies and knowledge about Chinese tourism evolution.

Because the best hospitality experience is one that takes into account a guest’s full sensory experience. It begins with exceptional marketing with visual elements that tell a story, and it continues through experiences in the dining room, fitness room, lobby, guest room and more.


When you can effectively target each of these senses in an appealing and memorable way, you may be able to improve the overall success and profitability of your company and even encourage repeat visits from satisfied guests in the future.


with focus on luxury hotels and tourism industry

The new face of the luxury hospitality

  • Brand DNA & codes to enhance hotels uniqueness and differentiation

  • Brand architecture revisited - lifestyle hotel brands and hotel collections


The new guest experience

  • Luxury consumers/guests’ psychologies and typologies

  • Luxury service in the digital age: how technologies can help hoteliers personalize luxury service and luxury experience

  • Evolving facets and representations of luxury experience

  • Collaborations to enhance perceived value of guest experience

  • Reward or recognition: decoding loyalty programs in luxury hospitality

  • Revising art & design, F&B, spa and wellness, cultural and artistic encounters.


Develop relevant digital marketing strategies

  • Digital marketing opportunities: how to enhance hotel’s storytelling – branded content

  • How to develop relevant digital content for the relevant digital platforms

  • Understanding collaborations with DMO’s & OTA’s

  • How to leverage on influencers, bloggers, local heroes on social media

  • Specificities of KOL’s (influencer’s marketing) in China

  • Understanding Chinese tourism evolution; how to cater to wealthy Chinese travellers


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Keynote speaker


Professor Denis Morisset

- More than 20 years of experience in the luxury fashion and hospitality industry 


- Former CEO/COO of Ralph Lauren (Europe), Pierre Balmain and Giorgio Armani (France)

In 2004, he started his own consulting company, specialized in luxury Brand Management and International Luxury Distribution. He has collaborated with international companies on brand extensions and branding issues. His main areas of expertise are related to luxury brand management, luxury brand international distribution and branding in the luxury hospitality sector.



* Remarks: 

Please kindly be informed Course fee must be paid at least 7 days prior to the event
Please be informed that we have limited seats. 

*Details may be subjected to changes without prior notice by the organizer

What Will You Get?

Reinvent the customer experience and employ marketing tactics to appeal to your target audience in a more sensual way



+ Exceptional Lecture from Prof. Denis Morisset with more than 20 years experience in the luxury fashion and hospitality industry *(Former *CEO/COO*of Ralph Lauren (Europe), Pierre Balmain and Giorgio Armani (France))

+ Special Guest "Luxury Chinese Digital expert" former developer of



+ Broaden your business connection & enhance your network exclusively with the top professionals from the hospitality and service sector in Thailand


+ Certified by TAT & Luxellence Center


  • Owners

  • Vice President

  • General Manager

  • Managing Director

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Director of Marketing & communication

  • Director of Sales

  • Director of Food and Beverage

  • Training manager


  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Spa

  • Wellness Center

  • Restaurant & Cafe

  • Real Estate Developper

  • Designer

  • Architect

  • Service providers

  • Lifestyle business

  • And others in the hospitality and service sector

Keynote speaker


Mr. Julien Gaubert-Molina

- Managing Director Greater China, SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT

- Formerly worked in developing ‘’ site

Began his career at Hermes in New York and Paris to support the development of sites. During this period, he developed as a Project Manager, and digital competence by redesigning process of purchasing Hermes. He also acquires a luxury sensitivity by coordinating the productions photos and updates of editorial Hermès sites.


In 2009, Mr. Julien Gaubert-Molina integrates Hermès Leather Goods division as head of European and Asian markets in charge of business development and operational collections. He also coordinates the VM guidelines for Hermes Group and the entire leather trainings program.


In 2012, he joined SAME SAME but different and became the Managing Director for SAME SAME Greater China activities.