The luxury industry is a complex, growing and strongly competitive business sector. Building luxury brands have always been a fascinating space and luxury brand marketing one of the most complicated ones. Becoming a leader in this fast evolving trade requires individuals to possess an extensive array of managerial skills, a high degree of strategic planning capabilities, interpersonal communications abilities and a creative approach to problem solving.


The aim of LUXELLENCE CENTER Intensive Professional Program in Luxury Brand Management is to provide a focused and vocationally oriented education in specific aspects of luxury related disciplines, namely brand building, marketing, communication, retail and luxury brand management. Working closely with key figures within the fashion and luxury goods industry, this program will equip participants with an invaluable education and skills base. It attempts to decode what makes a luxury brand desirable? What are the ingredients/components that make up a luxury brand?

Key Learning Points


  • Get a better understanding of the key challenges and the changing dynamics in the luxury business

  • Learn how to build a powerful brand identity by elaborating a strong brand concept and integrating the key influencing trends

  • Be guided throughout the art of  launching and growing a luxury/aspirational brand through analysis of the best practices and success factors of both luxury/aspirational brands from various luxury sectors


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