“Authentic Online Shopping Experience”

December is the time when many people are preparing for the coming new year. For many shoppers, it is the time for buying new clothes to welcome the coming new year.

A study from YouGov shows that the top 5 reasons for buying new clothes are

1) to replace worn out clothes (58%)

2) items on sale (41%) 

3) for specific events (32%)

4) to follow fashion trend (24%)  

5) for specific festival (15%)


Specifically, the important 5 factors when Thai consumers choose fashion brands are

1) quality (89%)

2) product style (82%)

3) the brand is well known (37%)

4) the brand is a trendsetter (33%)

5) spokesperson of brand (32%)

However, the increasing role of online media have allowed shopping, an activity that was once restricted to department stores, to be possible online in just a click away. A study from YouGov reveals that 46% of Thai consumers shop for clothes online at least once a month. In addition, 61% of Thai consumers follow fashion brands on social media and 36% of Thai consumers get their inspiration to buy new clothes via online shops

The Reasons for Shopping for Clothes Online

A study from YouGov shows that the reasons for Thai consumers to shop clothes online are

1) able to compare product information and prices (52%)

2) saves time (47%) 3) cheaper to buy online (45%)

4) can shop anytime and anywhere (36%)

5) more variety (35% 6) can read review (33%)

7) can use delivery service (29%)

8) able to buy from brands overseas (24%) 

9) limited edition only available online (21%)


While the 6 reasons for Thai consumers to shop clothes offline are

1) enjoy shopping around (73%)

2) ensure product quality (61%)

3) I can try out the clothes (51%)

4) don’t need to wait for delivery (24%)

5) concerns about online security (23%)

6) social activity with friends (22%) which shows that offline stores remain important in providing unique  experiences absent from online shopping.


Moreover, the important factors when Thai consumers shop for clothes online are

1) online retailer reliability (90%)

2) online security (87%)

3) online promotion (87%)

4) picture of product (85%)

5) free shipping (85%)

“Authentic Online Shopping Experience”
Luxellence Center x YouGov


Fostering an “Authentic” Online Shopping Experience that Resembles Offline Stores

The current increasing role of online media raises an important challenge for brands in designing effective online channels that can provide meaningful experiences to online shoppers. While providing “convenience” is the norm of the current competitive landscape, fostering an “authentic” online shopping experience that resembles offline stores helps to reinforce the brand essence.

Dr. Nutthaphut Pandjad